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Proud of our name and our work,

CBpower is one of the few companies

to dare to supply other professionals

under its real name.

Our master files are open

for you to learn

If you are looking for a reliable file provider,

or any other useful chiptuning equipment,

you can trust us.

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control computer Key Parameters power graph Turbo Direct admission air filter power improvment engine remapping Remapping on 4x4 dynometer

Since 2007, we develop our own engine upgraded softwares. Our experience in automotive allow us to provide you the best. Our files are developped on our 4×4 dynamometer with the best diagnostic tools on the market.We provide more than files, you can count on our operational and technical support.

According to your needs you can even quickly download a file from our Winols database or upload your original file on our file service


Why choose our Winols Database

24/7 EASY access : Download already modified and tested files at any time
4×4 dyno developed & road approved files : All our settings are developped on dyno and approved on road
Daily Updates
Technical Support : DTC off, function off, just ask us we probably have the solution you need.


Power curve and torque

How do we do?

When a car enters the CBPower’s workshop, we analyse all the parameters, making many logs.
We can summarize our intervention in four simple steps :

Calcul puissance


All the car we use to develop our settings are dynotested and monitored

Développe paramètre

New settings

New settings are damos based (when available) or based on our long experience

Nouveau programme

Dyno test and data logging

All settings are improved and validated after several dyno runs

Nouvelle performance

Road test

All our files are road tested before being added to our database

Who is cbpower?

Since 2007 we have developed lots of files for our own customers. We have been working hard to be recognized as specialist and for many years we provide several tuning companies around the world.

Lake of time, no tools or missing knowledge are the main reasons to let us work for you. From now you can buy our files suggested to you into WinOls projects or upload your original file to be modified according your need


1 4x4 dynometer
100% satisfied customers
250 customers around the world
2007 Since
4,9/5 Customer reviews
15 Years of experience
1 fully equipped workshop
100% satisfied customers
250customers around the world
2007 since
15Years of experience
4,9/5 Customer reviews

Have you got some more questions?

If you discover our activity, it is quite normal that you still have a few questions…
Here are some answers ! Feel free to contact us for more details

Why choose us?

100% reliable remapped ECU tuning files. 4×4 Dyno tested for the best performance
Great support recognized for a long time by our customers
Effective chiptuning files at attractive prices
our team is made up software developers with over 15 years of experience in tuning.

Are your settings safe ?

We supply custom-made ECU chiptuning files for petrol and diesel engines. With our tuning files we offer the perfect combination of increased engine power and more economical fuel consumption. We supply our chiptuning files to dealers and other chiptuning companies.

Who uses our services ?

To keep this activity under good conditions we provide only professionals persons and companies.
We deliver thousand of files all around the world

Do you provide custom chiptuning files?

Of course, we can especially developp files that match to you requirements. A lot of possibilities from some dtc off to complete function off anything you could need.

How long does it take ?

Turnaround time is about 15 minutes.

Do you also make gearbox files ?

We can provide custom remapped files for TCU

What stage?

As higher stage request a lot of tests and logs to stay reliable, we provide our customers with stage 1 or 2 only.

Do you provide E85 conversion files

Yes of course, when possible. Ask us to know if we can do it for your file.

some more questions ?some advices ?