The advantages of engine remapping

For a very affordable price, you have the option of requesting engine remapping (chiptuning). Behind this curious term hides a string of optimization techniques that boost the power of the engine, without compromising its integrity. With chiptuning, the engine gains torque while consuming less than before.

Avantages de la reprogrammation moteur

Improved performance

The engines, as delivered by the car manufacturers, do not use their full power. Mainly for commercial reasons, vehicle engines are underutilized. With engine remapping, improve injection timing, ignition system and boost turbo pressure.

By subjecting your customers' vehicles to this operation, enjoy improved performance for a smoother ride. Entrusting your car to a professional tuner will allow you to release all the power of the engines in complete safety and benefit from maximum driving comfort.

An increase in power and torque

Provided that the vehicles to be optimized are equipped with a turbo engine, it is possible to reconfigure the automotive computer (ECU). The latter is a small box that acts as a computer, responsible for the electronic management of the engine. Engine reprogramming consists of optimizing the instruction program (mapping) of the computer in order to significantly improve the performance of a vehicle.

Remapping increases power and torque by up to 40%. The increase in power achieved through chiptuning provides better acceleration. The torque facilitates the towing of a trailer or a caravan or simply the recovery of heavy vehicles such as camper vans.

Savings thanks to reduced consumption

As delivered by the manufacturers, automobile engines are particularly fuel-intensive. Fortunately, it is possible to optimize the software instructions of the ECU to effectively reduce fuel consumption. Called Ecotuning, this operation adapts to all driving styles and allows you to enjoy better driving comfort by changing gears more quickly.

It is at high speed that the engine consumes the most. By acting on the engine torque at low revs, Ecotuning makes it easier to reach your cruising speed and then maintain it with a trickle of throttle thanks to improved engine efficiency. By requiring less of the accelerator pedal to reach and maintain the same speed, your vehicle consumes less fuel. Hundreds of customers confirm this through their testimonials.

A positive impact on the ecology

CO2 and fine particle emissions are the main concerns of individuals and any company with a vehicle fleet. Engine reprogramming makes it possible to optimize engine consumption by reducing the demand on the accelerator.

With the torque and power gained at low rpm, it is easy to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. The emissions into the atmosphere are proportional to the consumption of the vehicle, a vehicle which consumes less thanks to the reprogramming will also release less CO2.

Better driving pleasure

With the new electronic settings on your car, you will be able to shift gears in record time. The ride is smoother and the engine is at your fingertips. Shifting is much quicker, using the engine brake more supple and downshifting is particularly easy. The improved torque provides better pick-up when overtaking, for example.

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