Chip tuning files Audi


A personalized development:

We fine-tune the tuning of Audi's TDI or TFSI engines. Improved engine performance not only provides more power and torque but also lower fuel consumption. These optimizations reduce CO2 emissions. Our intervention on Audi remapping is really effective. The Ingolstadt brand is obliged to configure their vehicles to suit everyone, at all latitudes while we can optimize to meet your specific expectations for use in well-known conditions, often more favorable in Europe than in more distant countries where the operating conditions are less good.

Once mapped, fuel consumption will decrease, CO² emissions are directly proportional to consumption and therefore your car will pollute less while being much more dynamic and pleasant to drive.

Reprogramming the map or "chiptuning" increases the power of your Audi's engine. At CBpower, you benefit from custom mapping development to achieve the best possible (and reasonable) results for your customers vehicles.

For example, you can set your own maximum limits for your chiptuning Audi (provided that they are not greater than the maximum admissible for the mechanical components. It is important to respect these manufacturer tolerances for better reliability.

You define the desired power gain yourself. Depending on this expectation, I will define the various limiters.

These limiters act, among other things, on:

  • The amount of fuel injected,
  • turbo pressure,
  • the injection time, i.e. the advance and the opening time of the injectors,
  • and many others

Chiptuning Audi configurator :

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