Chiptuning files Honda

chiptuning files honda

Are you looking for an experienced chiptuning file provider? CBpower has been developing engine maps since 2007 for private individuals, garages and chiptuning companies around the world

What development for honda engines ?

As all developments are personalized, CBpower can meet your specific expectations by reprogramming the engine mapping of your customers' Honda vehicles according to their wishes.

Some will have the essential objective of reducing fuel consumption, others will want to have a more dynamic vehicle and therefore with more torque. Sometimes the main objective is to achieve the maximum possible power while respecting the mechanics and the manufacturer's standards.

Ou, pourquoi pas, un mix de tout cela pour allier performance-fiabilité-couple-puissance et économie de carburant.

Check what CBpower offers for Honda's chiptuning files in our chiptuning files spec for Honda

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