Chiptuning files Seat

chiptuning files for Seat

Do you want to offer engine maps for your customers? CBpower develops reliable optimized settings for you as a Seat chiptuning files specialist

What does this mapping upgrade of a vehicle consist of?

All modern engines are managed by an ECU (electronic control unit) which controls the functions of the engine. It is this electronic management and the setpoint values ​​set in the map that determine the power that the engine will develop.
Like manufacturers who offer different power levels for the same engine, we reprogram optimized data to improve the operation of said engine.
We can perform this intervention on most brands and models and practically on all models. VAG engine versions of your SEAT
Reprogramming your Seat is the specialty of CBpower and thousands of customers have been able to test and approve our settings which not only increase power but also reduce consumption.
Do not hesitate to ask us about the possible performance of your Seat. Individual customers who have tested a CBpower remapping come back after changing their old vehicle and it is certainly not by chance. Professionals who try once our files come back too for the same reasons

How is the intervention carried out for professionals?

First of all, if you are equipped with a power bench, you will measure the original performance and at the same time an engine diagnostic is carried out.
If everything is in order, the original map is read , either by OBD or by direct connection to the ECU when necessary.
Then, this file is edited using specific software. Two options are available to you, either you check if your power version is in our EVC Winols database, or you use our file service to send your software to be optimized.

To achieve this optimization, we adapt dozens of tables so that the program can achieve a higher level of power. The values ​​will be determined according to the power and torque to be achieved and taking into account the capacities of the mechanical components.

As soon as you have our file optimized, or adapted yourself your own file read with the settings coming from the file of our EVC account, the optimized map is "flashed" in the processor.
The power after optimization is then measured. At the same time output values ​​such as fuel injection quantity, mass air volume, advance, exhaust temperature, residual oxygen ratio in the exhaust gas to determine the ´AFR (air flow ratio) are controlled. All these tests ensure a good longevity of the engine.

If you don't have a dyno, you should at least test the vehicle on the road to make sure everything is OK.
See the specifications into our file-service datasheets

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