Chiptuning files Skoda

chiptuing files Skoda

For effective and hassle-free engine optimization, entrust the development of your Skoda optimized files to CBpower with confidence.

Since 2007, we have been able to modify thousands of Skoda files and obtain the best engine power with complete reliability, as demonstrated by the satisfaction rate of our customers. Today, we put our settings at your disposal

Reliability must remain an essential criterion in the choice of the professional who will work on the electronic management of the engine of your customers' vehicles. Aware of the substantial investment required to acquire a car, we apply our know-how to the individual development of each file. We only work with professionals who share this point of view.

Increasing horsepower and torque can be done in different ways but there is only one that is right. There is no need to lift all the limits to get the last horse. For example, there is no need to increase the absolute fuel pressure in the injection rail.

Inutile de pousser à l'extrême la pression de turbo, important de garder un mélange optimal pour éviter les surchauffes, les encrassements ou pressions incontrôlées dans les chambres de combustion. Comme c'est rarement le cas, les fichiers que nous développons pour vous sont optimisés en tenant compte de ces contraintes et suivant vos attentes spécifiques.

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