Learn more about the CBpower 4×4 Dynometer

Thanks to the mechanical link between all the rollers which, therefore, all turn at the same speed, the electronic assistance systems (ABS, ESP, ASR, etc.) can remain connected because the 4 wheels of the vehicle are always turning. at the same speed, unlike electronically synchronized 2x2 or 4x4 benches. Perfectly calibrated, this bench allows measurements on 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles. A 60,000 m3/h wind tunnel allows good cooling of the engine during the tests in order to guarantee precise power measurements while avoiding overheating.

Much more than a measurement tool, the 4x4 dynometer is also and above all a tool for diagnosis and development of the mapping. In particular, it makes it possible to brake the engine in speed stages in order to determine the best parameters for (i.e.)obtaining good engine power without exceeding maximum exhaust temperature values.

Contenu associé : cbpower chiptuning files

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